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Product Name   Product Description Price
cms2GL OutofBalance cougar-magic Excel This is an enhanced report that modifies the GL Reprint from History to be able to find a posting out of balance quickly.  Cost: $55  
cms2 GL Financialtm cougar-magic Excel These set of financial reports are professional looking.  
  1. Extraneous data like company code have been moved to the bottom of the report.  
  2. Blank lines have been reduced. 
  3. Font sized raised for 8pt to 10pt
  4. Bolding and underlining added plus a page border significantly improves the look
  5. Any out of balance amounts are moved onto a separate page

Cost:  $55 per report -- $100 all GL statements/reports (pricing different for non-profits)

cms2SY ReprintPostings cougar mtn Excel Store and be able to reprint the entire set of posting reports for any module    
  1. pps/cms2GL_Access-2009.pps
  2. pps/cms2GL_Excel-2009.pps
  3. pps/cms2GL_EX-SpreadsheetExport-2009.pps
  4. pps/cms2GL_FixedAssets+-2009.pps
  5. pps/cms2GL_LookupEnh-2009.pps
  6. pps/cms2GL_Proc-Trans-Special-2009.pps
  7. pps/cms2GL_Rep-ReportsEnh-2005-gl.pps
  8. pps/cms2_Setup-2009.ppt
  9. pps/cms2GL_TransPwrEntry-2009.pps



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