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Monterey Bar Code Creator (MBC) is distributed as a zip file. You need to have a zip utility to uncompress the program from its archive before you are able to install. Windows 98, 2000 and XP contain such a utility. You can also find these utilities on the internet, such as WinZip (http:://

Extract all the files into a temporary folder. Double click setup.exe. The set up process is simple and straightforward.

Bar Code Basics

Bar Codes are used to store information into a set of black and white bars. There are a variety of types available. The “Symbology” is the term used to describe the unambiguous rules specifying the way data is encoded into the bar and space widths. A symbology consists of these following characteristics:

Character Set : This refers to the range of data characters that ca be encoded into a give symbology. Some symbologies can encode only numbers. Other symbologies can encode alphanumeric information; among them some support the entire 128 unique code of the ASCII character set.

Density : The width of narrowest bar element. In Monterey Bar Code Creator, the default value is 10 mils(1/1000th of one inch) are used. In Bar CodeCreator this parameter can be adjusted through INI file.

Ratio: Some symbology defines two width parameters for narrow and wide elements. The ratio is the width of wide element divided by the width of the narrow element. MBC uses value 3.0 as the default and this parameter can be adjusted through INI file.

Check Digit: A check digit is calculated to allow “self-checking”. The check digits are usually placed in the last portion of the Bar Code. Some Bar Codes do not use check digits, like Code 39. The software will calculate the check digits for you and you do not need to worry about them.

Height – The taller your Bar Code, the better chance of it being scanned by a Bar Code reader. You can adjust the height parameter by typing in the height edit box.

Width – You have not control this parameter. The overall width depends on the Bar Code text, symbology and the density you choose. For some types of Bar Code, ratio may also impact the overall width. MBC displays this parameter in the tool bar. You may adjust the density parameter, thus increasing/decreasing the overall Bar Code width.

Main Interface

Monterey Bar Code Creator has a very intuitive and simple interface. To draw the Bar Code you need, simply fill the options. You can control these parameters from the Dialog Bar, just below the Toolbar.

Display Text: This option displays a line of text underneath the Bar Code which contains the text encoded into the Bar Code. You may toggle this on and off by clicking on the "Show Text" checkbox.

Tile Mode : When this option is checked, the program will draw multiple Bar Code in current window. If you choose print, multiple Bar Codes will be printed in the same page. This option allows you to batch-print Bar Codes through a label printer.

Zoom/Zoom Out: Scale the current view. Note that the Bar Code size will be affected. If you want to print the Bar Code with normal size, do not use ZoomIn. The smallest scale factor is 1, which reflect the normal Bar Code size.

Rotate: Two buttons allow you to rotate Bar Code 90, 180, 270 degrades either in clockwise or anticlockwise. The text will be rotated with the Bar Code.

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