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This topic discusses the various
aspects of using bar codes and bar-coding hardware

(overview, software, hardware, reading, tips, etc)

  • Overview
  • bar coding Software
  • bar coding Hardware-Printers
  • bar coding Hardware-Reading
  • bar coding Tips & Tricks
  • bar coding Installation
  • Wireless & Remote Solutions

The subject of covers is very broad.   There are many types of bar codes used by different industries.  The most popular include UPC-A, UPC-B, ISBN, Code 39 & others.  There are many kinds of reading devices including pens, CCD & Lasers whch can be handheld, counter mounted or wireless.  bar code reading is just an alternate input device.   The bar code hardware translates the bar codes to the equavalent of keystrokes.

Wands are difficult to use, you need to learn the exact speed with which to swipe across the bar code and usually need direct contact with the label.   The CCD version is not on until the trigger is pressed and needs to be within a few inches of the label.   The Laser version is always on and can read bar codes from a much further distance.

Cougar has are a rather unique approach to handling bar coding.   Some software publishers force you to make your stock number the bar code number.   Others have a special field to store the bar code number which is a problem since some products could have multiple bar codes or the same stock number coming from different sources may use different bar codes.  Cougar uses its very powerful alternate part number ability to store as many bar codes for a particular part as desired.

There are types of bar code formats.   The most popular include:  UPC-A,  UPC-B,  UPC-c, ISBN and Code 39.   Basically, the industry your in, determines the most likely bar code format you will use.

Most bar code readers and software can handle multiple bar code formats.  


Tips & Tricks 

I recommend that Bartender be installed on the same drive letter as the Cougar Mountain programs.  It maybe even be installed as a subdirectory underneath Cougar's program directory (eg. f:\cmswin\bartend)

bar coding Software
There are lots of different bar code software packages available.   They all generate bar codes in different fromats.  Cougar employs Seagull's bar code Generating software called Bar Tender to provide a seamless intregration into its inventory or purchase order modules.   From the Inventory Report Menu> you can select the inventory label report, turn the bar code option on and print one label, the number of labels in inventory or a user specified quantity of labels.  In Purchase Order, you access the receiving menu and the user can generate the number of labels needed on a purchase order that the supplier doesn't have labels.

The size and type of labels can be changed by enterring the Bar Tender software and modifying the pre-designed files as needed.

Menu-driven label printing software that produces the bar coded inventory labels you need. You have the flexibility and power of bar code generating software that works with the information already stored inside your Cougar Mountain Software Support inventory data files.

  • Includes professional, pre-made labels
  • Create new or customize existing labels
  • Full control of label format and size
  • Creates as many label formats as you need
  • Unlimited number of bar code or text fields per label
  • Automatic check digit capability
  • Supports a dozen bar code languages
  • Intuitive pull-down menu
  • Print bar codes from exported data files
  • Batch printing capabilities

bar code Generator is produced and supported by Seagull Scientific.

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