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Cougar Mountain 's CRM Bridge to ACT!

Your sales team can save time and energy with this new bridge that integrates CMS Professional Accounting with ACT! (a popular customer relationship management tool). Now your sales team doesn't have to make updates in two different databases when adding or making changes to customer records. With this tool, you can retain prospect contact information in ACT! and maintain a clean database in Cougar Mountain of only customers who place orders.

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Order Entry in One Place -- Enter an order in Cougar Mountain Software Support (CMS) by clicking on the Cougar icon in the ACT! toolbar.
  Keep Records Up to Date in One Step -- Update billing addresses in the CMS database, based on information in ACT! or vice versa.
  Import Customer Information from ACT! into the CMS database.
  Keep the CMS Database "Clean" -- only storing customers that place orders (using ACT! to store customer and prospect data).
  Read Purchases Automatically -- See customer purchases recorded automatically in the ACT! notes field.
  Address Discrepancy Alert -- If the system detects a discrepancy between a customer's address in ACT! and the billing address in Cougar Mountain , an alert window appears.

*This program is workstation specific, therefore separate licenses must be purchased for each computer installation.

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