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cms2FX FaxService - Utilizing an internet fax service

For more info, please fill the info below, call us on (714) 228-5444 or fax us at (800) 531-2944.

SmartFax™ is the Smart way to fax

SmartFax™ is the Smart Fax service that lets you receive and send Fax messages from any location with just a computer with an Internet connection. SmartFax™ enables you to send or receive Faxes from anywhere in the Continental United States!

Unlimited Local
Unlimited Tollfree
Monthly Fee $6.95 $9.95 $9.95 $12.95
FREE Setup Fee
FREE Local Fax Number    
FREE Random Tollfree Fax Number    
FREE Vanity Tollfree Fax Number
FREE UNLIMITED Outbound Faxing 5 cents/page 5 cents/page
International Outbound Faxing*
*Rates varies with countries

* Note: Due to its decreasing availability, numbers starting with the 800 code will have a $15 fee.

Please let us know what info we can send you now and what are the areas that are of most important to your organization.

Please fill in below, or call us on (714) 228-5444 or fax us at (800) 531-2944...

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email us at  //  phone (714) 228-5444.

(We are not Cougar Mountain Software in Boise, we take their excellent product and make it better.   We offer software products, enhanced reports, services, training and hardware that maximize the value out of this powerful accounting program.  We have been customizing solutions for Cougar Mountain since 1990.  We are located in California.