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Advanced Bill of Materials

Cougar Mountain Advanced Bill of Materials enhances the kit functionality of Cougar Mountain Inventory, allowing you to create kits from other kits for up to ten levels.

Cougar Mountain Advanced Bill of Materials allows you to define and sell finished goods made of several layers of subkits and components without actually having to build them first. Save time, and money by selling the finished good when the customer wants it. No need to post inventory adjustment transactions that subtract the individual components and subkits from inventory and then add the finished goods to inventory.

Create and sell kits and sub-kits within Cougar Mountain Inventory


  • Include inventory and non-inventory (labor and machine costs) in the Bill of Materials
  • Costs of individual stock items can be rolled up into the cost of the finished (parent) stock item; use subkits within kits, up to ten levels deep
  • List components and subkits on picking reports that your warehouse employees use to pull customer orders
  • Print components and subkits on packing slips sent with orders
  • Display individual components and subkits on invoices (or omit them and list them only after posting an Order Entry transaction)
  • Kit prices can be updated when changes are made to customer orders
  • Profit Margin Report shows real-time cost and profit


The key to a successful manufacturing and work order processing software implementation begins with the Advanced Bill of Materials. It is a fully integrated application that allows wholesale and retail distributors, as well as manufacturers, to define, build and sell “kitted” inventory items based upon Bill of Materials formula. The BOM formula can be defined up to 10 levels deep utilizing Inventory and Non inventory (labor/machine cost) items. The different levels can rollup the costs for finished stock item (parent item).
The integrated Order Entry module explodes the BOM formula on the work order or invoice and provides an easy to understand view of the BOM, displaying a different color for each level, therefore providing a clear understanding of the kitted items.
All Order Entry line items can be edited when the customer requests an upgrade, change order or deletion of a child line item. The rollup costs and price will update too! You have an option to print all parent child line items on the invoice, or to print only parent items. Additionally, you can chose to print or not print based on a check prompt associated to any detail line item.


  • Multi-level BOMs (10 levels deep)
  • Explode BOM in Order Entry
  • Kit items are committed on work orders and invoices to provide accurate production data
  • Edit, change, delete all BOM line items
  • Order Entry posting auto-builds the BOM and relieves kit items
  • Kit assembly report shows multi-levels and indented children items
  • Enhanced profit margin report shows real-time cost and profit
  • Easily print all BOM detail or only show finished goods on invoice or work order


Industries using Advanced BOM

  • Pump manufacturers/wholesalers
  • Candy and food manufactures
  • Industry and lighting retailers
  • Medical supplies industry
  • Computer retailers
  • Pool and Spa manufacturer
  • Bicycle shop
  • Soccer supplies distributors



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