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Multi-Location Inventory

Multi-Location Inventory by Cougar Mountain puts an end to missing inventory, lost orders and big headaches. Know what inventory is in your back room, in your mobile units, across the street, or across the country at a glance. With Multi-Location Inventory, your sites can function separately but be effectively managed centrally.
A Proven Solution
  • Maintain inventory for multiple sites from one central location
  • Implement global SKU updates, price changes and security limits from a single location
  • Quickly select the location of each stock item when entering orders or ringing up sales
  • Retain unlimited global records of items sold, cost of goods sold, and profit margin
Multi-Location Inventory Reports
Cougar Mountain Multi-Location Inventory works seamlessly with Cougar Mountain Accounting® to produce reports for Inventory, Order Entry, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order and Point of Sale.

This enhancement adds an additional field to the stock number that can be used for warehouse number or bin location.   It could also be used for lot number, expiration dates, waranty dates, size, color or many other things.

Multi-Location Inventory allows a company to maintain its inventory on one computer system, yet track inventory at more than one site.

  • Monitor, transfer, reorder, and control stock at multi-locations from one computer
  • Track inventory, unit pricing and allocation functions from one location
  • Updates to SKUs at multi-locations only have to be made once from one computer
  • Quickly select the location of each stock item when entering orders, making payments, creating purchase orders or ringing up sales
  • Create an unlimited number of locations including an unlimited number of stock items
  • Specify which locations you wish to include when printing reports, setting up promotional pricing, printing invoices, or generating purchase orders
  • Retain records of what was sold, cost of goods sold, profit margin from multi-locations


Multi-Location Inventory Version 9.0A Update

Version 9.0.A Release Notes D4.0: December 14, 2004

This readme contains release notes and last-minute updates. Other documentation includes the Installation and Conversion Guide (a printed copy should be included with your software package), product user's guides, and the online Help. Refer to the "Using this Guide" section of the Installation and Conversion Guide for more information on where and how to find more documentation.

Table of Contents

Installation and Conversion Guide

Installation and Conversion Guide Doesn't Install Automatically

The Installation and Conversion Guide isn't installed automatically when installing the software. You should install it yourself from the Cougar Mountain CD.

To install the Installation and Conversion Guide, follow these steps:
  1. Insert the CD in your computer's CD drive. The installation should begin automatically.
  2. If the installation does not begin automatically, select Start > Run from the Windows desktop, browse to the CD Drive, and select CMSSETUP.EXE. Then select OK in the Windows Run window to begin the installation.
  3. Select Install User's Guides and Reader from the Cougar Mountain Software Support Installation window that appears.
  4. Read the Licensing Agreement and Warranty, and, if you agree, select the I Agree button. If you select I Disagree, the installation will stop.
  5. Select the Installation and Conversion Guide check box and click Next.
  6. Verify that the directory to which the Guide will be installed is the correct one, or use the Browse button to select a different directory, and click Next.
  7. On the Ready to Install! window, click Next.
  8. After the installation has completed, click Finish to exit the installation.
  9. To access the Installation and Conversion Guide .pdf file, select Start > Programs > Cougar Mountain Software Support > Documentation > 9.0 Installation and Conversion Guide.

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Disable CMS Logo/Splash Screen

Each module has a CMS logo in the center of the screen. This can be disabled so the graphic will not appear.

To disable (turn off) the CMS graphic that appears in the center of the window:
  1. In the folder the software was installed (C:\CMSWIN by default), locate and open the "CMS.ini" file.
  2. Beneath the [Installed] heading, add the following new line: NoSplash=1
  3. Nothing else should be changed.
  4. Save and close the file. The next time you open the software, the CMS logo and graphic will no longer appear in the center of the window.

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Disabling the "Trial Version Detected" Message

If you have installed the trial version of an add-on module and have decided not to purchase the module, the "Trial Version Detected" message will continue to appear until the application executable is either deleted, moved, or renamed. If you need help with this process, please call Technical Support at (800) 390-7053.

New Features for Version 9.0

Version 9.0 contains many powerful new features. You can see a detailed explanation of these new features by looking at the online help (select the question mark button in the Main Menu module) or the New Features section in the user's guide, which can be installed on your computer from the product CD.

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Printing Short forms in Windows XP Professional

If you are using Windows XP Professional and would like to print short forms on a Dot Matrix printer, you will need to make some changes to your printer settings and to the report in R&R Report Writer before it will print properly.

To modify a Cougar Mountain short form so you can print short forms in Windows XP, follow these steps to set up your printer:
  1. Open the printer settings window by selecting the Start menu and clicking Printers and Faxes.
  2. The Printers and Faxes window will appear. Right click in the window and select Server Properties. The Print Server Properties window will appear.
  3. Select the Create a new form check box and, in the Form name: box, enter a meaningful name such as "CMS Short Forms".
  4. In the Form description (measurements) section, change the Width: box to 8.50in and change the Height: box to 7.17in.
  5. Select the Save Form button. The form name should appear in the Forms on: list box.
  6. You have now completed the creation of a new printing form. Select the Close button to close the window.

Now that you have created a new form for printing short forms in Cougar Mountain Software Support, you need to adjust some printer settings for the Dot Matrix printer you want to print the short forms on.

To adjust your Dot Matrix Printer settings, follow these steps:
  1. In the printer settings window, right click on the dot matrix printer you want to set up and select Properties from the menu.
  2. Select the Advanced tab and change the driver to Generic/Text Only.
  3. Select the Device Settings tab.
  4. Set the Cont. Feed - No Page Break to the form you just created. In the previous steps we named the form "CMS Short Forms".
  5. Set the other options to Not Available.
  6. Select the General tab.
  7. Select the Printing Preferences button.
  8. Select the Paper/Quality tab.
  9. Change the paper source to Cont. Feed - No Page Break.
  10. Select the Advanced button.
  11. Change the paper size to the report form created above. In these steps we saved it as "CMS Short Forms".
  12. Select OK.
  13. Select OK.
  14. Select OK or Apply.
You have now completed the proper set up for the Dot Matrix printer. The next step is to use R&R Report Writer to save this printer to the report to use as its default printer.
  1. Open the short form in R&R Report Writer. You can do this by opening R&R Report Writer within Cougar Mountain Software Support and then selecting the short form report you want to modify, or you can open R&R Report writer and find the report in the Laser, Matrix, or Other folder.
  2. Once you have opened the report in R&R Report Writer, select the File menu and select Page Setup. The Page Setup window will appear.
  3. In the Size drop down list box, select the name of the form we just created. In this case we saved the report as "CMS Short Forms".
  4. Select OK.
  5. Save the report.

You have now successfully created a custom printer form for printing short forms and attached it to the short form report you want to print. If you are still having problems printing, contact Cougar Mountain Technical Support.

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