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Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is made powerful with Cougar Mountain’s attention to the important details. This module allows you to set up customer information and then find it by name, customer number, phone number or company name using our fast look ups. Retain history of customer charges and payments and make extensive notes on customers. With Accounts Receivable you can assign credit limits to customers and warnings will appear when an order is entered that would exceed those limits. Provide all the details your customers need on easy-to-read statements.

A Proven Solution

  • Customer master window displays needed information including customer notes, charges, payments, YTD amounts and last transaction amounts
  • Enter an unlimited number of customers and transactions
  • AR Customer Statement identifies the details of payments being applied to invoices, even those that have already been purged from the AR Statement
  • Define a special discount when receiving payments, and retain histories of customer charges and payments to establish credit ratings or total value of a customer
  • Apply one payment to as many as 250 invoices
  • Print any message – upcoming sales, special greetings and promotions - on statements
Customer Quick List Customer Labels
Customer Master Collection
Aged Analysis Control
History Customer Statement
Dated Invoice / Payment  




Accounts Receivable

Better manage your customer base, important sales information, and outstanding balances. Provide detailed and easy to read statements to your customers.

  1. Unlimited number of customers and transactions, easy customer account management
  2. Modify or look-up customer information when entering transactions
  3. Retain history of charges and payments to establish credit rating or total value of a customer
  4. Track all receipts and associated payments
  5. 10 user defined fields to track, filter and sort customer information
  6. Universal Bridge eliminates double entry of transactions, may import transactions from external data files prior to posting
  7. Electronic Funds Transfer functionality increases efficiency
  8. Process finance charge calculations, specific finance charges can be assigned to individual customers
  9. Print any messages on statements, such as marketing statements or overdue notices
  10. Manage recurring charges and payments, such as monthly billing for service contracts
  11. Easily print out customer mailing labels
  12. Set credit limit or collection status to ensure payment
  13. Many built-in customer reports or customize reports with Report Writer
  14. User-defined customer number, automatically renumber customers while maintaining all history from the previous customer numbers
  15. Customer master screen displays all customer information, such as customer notes, charges, payments, YTD amounts, and last transaction amounts
  16. Add unlimited notes to a customer, such as special needs, shipping requirements, or payment schedules
  17. Define your aging periods, single line customer and vendor net balances for each aging period
  18. Set up customers with balance forward or open item type invoices
  19. Handles recurring transactions for repeating orders
  20. Payments can be applied for up to 250 invoices
  21. Hot Keys to quickly find customer information, such as credit limit, collection status, finance charges, YTD charges and payments
  22. Customers can be placed on hold for credit, user-defined warnings can automatically appear in Point of Sale
  23. Define additional discounts other than the standard discount when receiving payments
  24. 'Amount Remaining' column allows users to quickly see remaining amount to be paid on each outstanding invoice in the history grid
  25. User-defined custom statement formats for preprinted forms, plain paper statements, or laser printers
  26. Customer e-mail address on the Accounts Receivable form
  27. Turn Off Auto-formatting in telephone number fields, supports international phone numbers
  28. Automatic Transaction Coding


  • Payment to Invoice, Invoice to Payment
  • Customer List Report
  • Customer Labels
  • Customer Master Report
  • Collection Report
  • Aged Analysis Report
  • Control Report
  • History Report
  • Customer Statements

This module comes standard with:
  Cougar Mountain Accounting®
  Cougar Mountain Point of Sale with Back Office Accounting®
  Cougar Mountain FUND Revenue Center® - - Product List Cougar-Magic - Table of Contents relating to Cougar Mountain Software Support Cougar-Magic

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