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Professional Version (V2009/10, V12, V11, V10, V9, V8 & V7)

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 Performance Tweaks
 Adjust Graphics for Speed
 Application Defrag
 ASPI Drivers
 Automate Disk Cleanup
 Backup - The easy way
 CD ROM Stops AutoPlaying...
 Changing CD Staging Area Folder Location
 Classic Start Menu Mode (Browsing Boost)
 Clean your prefetch to improve performance.
 Clicking AVI Files on explorer causing 100% CPU Usage
 Contiguous File Allocation size
 Convert FAT32 To NTFS
 Correcting System Hang at Startup
 Decrease system loading time by changing network settings
 Decrease your Applications startup time
 Delete Prefetch Automatically
 Disable automatic updating
 Disable auto-reboot
 Disable Debug Scripting in Internet Explorer
 Disable Indexing Services
 Disable Prefetch for low memory systems
 Disable Recent Documents History
 Disable Search from looking in zip (compressed) files
 Disable unnecessary programs
 Disable unnecessary programs
 Disable unnecessary services to free system resources
 Disable XP Boot Logo
 Disable zip folders
 Disabling Automatic Updates properly
 DMA Mode on IDE Devices
 Easily Disable Messenger
 Easy Way to Adjust LargeSystemCache
 Edit Hidden System Settings using Group Policy Editor
 Enable or disable boot defrag
 Enabling/Disabling PIO/DMA
 Faster Boot-Up without tons of fonts
 Faster Dual Boot Timeout
 Faster startup of Windows XP
 Fonts: more thereon ...
 Free-up some more disk space
 Fresh Install with no ACPI (updated)
 Fresh install with no ACPI.
 Gaming Machine: Hardware Profile to free up System Resources
 Get rid of IM and no slow OE startup
 Getting More Processing Power
 HDD slowdown when booting
 Increase speed by tweaking prefetcher settings
 Increase XP NTFS performance
 Intel Application Accelerator - speed up disk access
 Its all about your priorities
 Launch apps with desired priority setting
 Make icons in windows appear quicker
 Memory Performance Tweak
 MFT Fragmentation
 Modify application timeout
 Modify application timeout
 Modify auto-reboot setting
 No more low disk space messages
 NTFS Cluster size
 Open Outlook Express faster
 Optimise NTFS
 Problems enabling DMA on IDE drives
 Proformance Increase through My Computer
 Reduce 10 second scandisk wait time
 Remove hibernation file
 Remove start-up items
 Sacrifice Graphics for Speed
 Service Settings for Gamers
 Services Info and Configurations
 Shutdown XP Faster
 Shutdown XP using your keyboard!
 Simple Outlook express loading after msn messenger is...
 Skip Operating System selection on boot
 Slow logon to domain in XP Pro
 Slow network access not always due to Scheduled tasks check
 Smooth Mouse
 Speed Boot - Shave 2 Seconds
 Speed up boot by disabling unused ports
 Speed up Detailed view in Explorer
 Speed up Menu Appearence Without Causing Problems with zero...
 Speed up menu display
 Speed up menu display
 Speed up Network Browsing
 Speed-up log-in tremendously!
 Stop Jerkey Graphics
 Stop jerky graphics. The alternative way.
 Stripping Page File across Multiple Hard drives
 System Settings for a Game Machine
 The System Configuration Utility
 Turn off disk performance monitors
 Turn off Indexing to speed up XP
 Turn off System Restore to save space
 Unload .dll's to Free Memory
 Users not interested in fancy windows and colors
 Very Slow boot when networking
 View and manage startup programs
 View XP System Uptime
 Watch movies with 'AboveNormal' priority
 Windows XP does have a back-up Utility!!!
 Windows XP Icon Cache

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