PDF-eXPLODE e-Doc Generator Software

Email Blasting of Custom Documents -- Put important documents like invoices and purchase orders in the hands of vendors and customers faster, and save hundreds of dollars in printing and postage costs!
Email Blasting of Marketing or Information - - Create targeted email marketing or informational campaigns to your customers, based on data in your Cougar Mountain Software Support!
Archiving -- Archive PDF versions of your report for easy and secure storage and access!
Easy Implementation - Setup and training are included, so you will be up and running in no time!

How much can your company save with PDF-eXPLODE e-Doc Generator?

You no longer have the expense of postage and printing, and because you no longer have to stuff and seal envelopes, labor time is cut in half—saving that sample company $60 a month-that's $720 a year!

Number of invoices
or statements per week
39¢ per statement
6¢ per statement
5¢ per statement
Labor Hours
1 per week
.5 per week
Cost per Labor Hour
Monthly Cost =

Use our ROI Calculator to determine the savings for your organization. ROICalculator

Email Blasting of Custom Documents
The PDF-eXPLODE e-Doc Generator gives you the ability to instantly turn batches of electronic documents into unique PDFs and instantly deliver them to your customers via email -- making postal costs obsolete. Imagine the time and money you could save by turning invoices and purchase orders into PDFs and delivering them to your customers without even putting a stamp on an envelope. Printing, sorting, and postmarking business documents is a time-stealing, tedious task. Electronically delivering PDFs to customers also means you don't have to wait the three to five days for the U.S. Postal Service to deliver your statements -- this translates into faster turn-around times for receiving payments.

Most importantly, it's extremely easy to use! Simply select the PDF option in the print menu and press enter. The program converts the statement or report into a unique PDF, and then distributes it to your selected customers. The look of your original documents is preserved so the electronic and paper versions are identical!

Email Blasting of Marketing or Information

Do you want to target your customers with special information, offers and other incentives but don't like the hassle of creating, printing, and mailing promotions? Turn your campaigns and other enticements into PDFs and notify customers with the click of a button! This can be used to notify them that their warranty is about to expire, or of a special offer based on a purchase they made in the past.


PDF creation can also save you time and money inside the office. File cabinets and hard-copy reports are a thing of the past-save your reports as a PDF and archive them on a hard drive for easy lookup and reference.

Training, Installation and Integration Services

The setup process is simple with the included training, installation and integration services. A Cougar Mountain Software Support trainer will work with you over the phone to install the software, set it up to work with Cougar Mountain Software Support's reports, and show you and your staff how easy it is to use.

PDF-eXPLODE e-Doc Generator Benefits

Cougar Mountain will help you install software and modify existing reports so they're compatible.
Each email can include a customized or standard message that you create.
Works with most business applications like R&R ReportWorks∞, Crystal Reports, Word, and Excel.
Separates and delivers information unique to the recipient without manual and time consuming processes.
Preserves the original appearance of the documents.
Combines multiple documents for the same recipient into one PDF.
Saves time by distributing the same document to multiple recipients with the click of a button.
Optional password protection on the files for more secure communications.
Saves archives of PDF files so you have a record of everything sent.
Also allows you to turn documents into PDFs without sending them.

System Requirements

.  Non-internet based email application like Outlook or Outlook Express
.  Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000

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